Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recent Projects

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Whether you have "Liked" our page, "Shared" a photo, "Pinned" a Pin, "Subscribed" to this blog or just in general like our products- we owe you a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! Because of y'all we have had an extremely busy 3 weeks and I wanted to share with you a few recent projects.

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Bookcase made from Antique Shutters
 I am loving the look of this bookcase- nice clean Simply White in contrast to the stained antique cypress. I can also envision two bookcases with a shutter console in between to be used as an entertainment center. The options are endless.

View of our "Saltaire" Daybed Swing
You can see another use for the shutters - our daybed swings. This one is going to a nearby home in Orange Beach, AL. The chippyness {is that a word?} is fab ;) Many hours will be enjoyed viewing the water, maybe even a few naps!

Just some of the shutters we have to chose from. What can we build for you?
If you have been to our store, you will see our entire back wall is displayed with our shutters for you to choose from. We think it adds a nice architectural touch. Many clients stand and dream up possibilities for their home. The hardest part is to decide which project to begin first!

Night Stands

 These two pieces were commissioned for another Orange Beach Gal. The nightstand on the left features a salvaged pedestal and a custom cypress top. The chest on the right was finished using CeCe Caldwell's Alaskan Tundra Green then waxed. The glass knobs {which we carry for only $5} were the icing on the cake!

Our "X" Console
This console was born from inspiration from a client who wanted something special for her sofa table. Her room only allotted for specific dimensions and she needed storage space. 

Just some of our pretties!
I have included this pic just because. As you know my husband is the Artist behind the furniture and paint finishes. My specialty is fabric and home decor. The dishes are a mixture of pieces we carry in the store, burlap for the "napkin" and I picked the napkin ring from a great estate sale! And what is that tiny bit of box pleated ruffle in the background you might ask? Well, it is one of my custom runners I create. I am sold out at the moment, so I will get busy creating more next week. Might be a great idea for a tutorial.....

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"Breathe in the Saltaire" 

~ Rhea 

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