Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting a New Look

It's been a while since my last post.... I've had multiple projects underway and wanted to share a few with you. As you know we custom build furniture from various reclaimed wood. But we also carry the complete line of CeCe Caldwell's Paints, Waxes & Finishes. Each week I try to feature a new project, so this week I have chosen this great little Bombay Chest.  

See how it all took place....

Here's what ya need...

It's very important to think about the look you are wanting to achieve before you begin. I wanted this chest to look as if it had created a beautiful patina throughout the years. With that being said, I wanted a lot of texture to show. 

Normally, I remove the drawers but these we attached. So I just left them to paint last. Begin with your base coat, mine is Chesapeak Blue, by the way it is now a permanent color in the CeCe Caldwell Paint Line. Yay!! (It is one of my most favorite colors)

Here it is completely painted with its base coat.

Next step is to apply the Seattle Mist Wash. I used a 50/50 mixture. Half paint, half water. Brush on and wipe away immediately.

Up Close of Wash Detail

Here she is ready to be waxed- I could stop here with a coat of waxing cream, but remember, I want a variated texture and patina. So, on to the next step....

Using Dark Aging Cream, I applied it over the ENTIRE piece, knowing it would give me a variated effect to the paint.

If you are only wanted to age certain spots, only use it in those areas :)

Dark Aging Cream is not a finish product, so after wiping away all the excess, I finished with a thin layer of Waxing Cream and buff, buff, buff. 

Here she is. 

Sold the day I finished and is now happy in her new home!

~ Rhea ~

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  1. Love it! How do you like these paints compared to Annie Sloan? Have you used both? #curious :)

    1. Hi! I have not used Annie Sloan so I don't have it to compare. Sorry

  2. Amazing job! I would love to include this in a roundup I am putting together, which will be posted on my blog. I will just grab a picture and give you a link back. If you'd prefer that I didn't use this project, please email me at

    1. Thanks Nancy! I don't mind at all. Would you mind sending me a link to your post?